Egg-cellent Adventures!

Easter is the time of year when it seems socially acceptable to munch day and night on perfectly formed orbs of deliciousness, Indeed, there’s never a better occasion to celebrate all that is great about CHOCOLATE!

Made this little beauty this weekend in honour of the God of Cocoa, with a little divine inspiration from a rather lovely chocolatier.

Fiona Sciolti imparted her words of wisdom on how to create a stunningly beautiful yet supremely simple egg of your very own at the recent Country Living Spring Fair…after serious note-taking and utter concentration, this was the outcome of a day spent covered in speckles of melted loveliness.

Egg making at Easter

Feel inspired? Moulds and melted chocolate is all you need…in a (nut)shell!




The Egg and I: Flippin’ delicious

So I have a glut of eggs. Combine this with a hatred of waste and the acknowledgement that they are nutritional power-houses, and it makes for a rather cheap and healthily satisfying set of meals.

I could do a cheesy, herby, spinach omelette, I could boil them and serve them with hot, buttery soldiers or I could poach them, breaking open the wobbly white sacks and watching the ooze of the yolk as it cascades down (all of which I will do later in the week, of course)– but instead, on this occasion, I made pancakes.

A traditionalist when it comes to pancakes and wholly influenced by the European ‘crepe’ variety, I decided, in a moment of experimentation, that it was time to cross continents and go state-side for a change. Cue a batter so thick, creamy and gloopy that it was heavenly to stir. And very simple, too – one cup of flour, one cup of milk and one egg and within minutes you have a catalyst for so many flavours and combinations that it’s almost overwhelming.

Also a traditionalist when it comes to toppings (lemon and sugar without doubt), I seized the moment to switch to savoury. Why? Just because. That, and I had some blue cheese and spinach to use up, and I never let anything go to waste.

So into a small frying pan went a ladle of batter on top of a knob of melted butter (never margarine) and after a few moments, in went a few squares of British Stilton. A flip in time plus a spot of seasoning and onto the plate it went, topped off with a generous slather of blue cheese mixed with mayo, above which lands a big handful of spinach and a sprinkle of walnuts. Repeat with a second Stilton infused pancake and subsequent cheesy, spinach-laden layers, finish with a drizzle of olive oil and you’re in for a treat!

Spinach and Stilton Pancakes

And the most joyous outcome of this flipping frenzy? Having enough batter left over to enjoy a couple of fluffy, golden brown pancakes with fruit and yoghurt for breakfast the next morning.  Happy days.