Cherry Menlove’s Mincemeat

Ah…the sights and sounds of the festive season are upon us and the charming crooner, Andy Williams, was absolutely right; it IS the most wonderful time of the year.

The expectation of excitement is thrilling; crowds are bustling through the streets with shopping; heart-warming ads are on the TV and early morning frosts paint a sparkle of white. For one girl and her pinny, the season is spent full of joy in the kitchen with the oven roaring, the kettle on for a heart-warming cuppa and the smell of Christmas in the air.

It was last weekend that I made my mincemeat, in preparation for a mass mince-pie-making marathon in the weeks to come. It has become a tradition to try a different recipe each year, and I thought I’d cracked it last winter with a Women’s Institute recipe, but after visiting the Country Living Christmas Fair recently, I do believe I have a new contender for the best ever mincemeat I think I’m ever likely to find. It comes from Cherry Menlove, a homely, crafty, cooking blogger and it’s quite simply heaven in a jam jar.

If you feel like a festive cinnamon fix and you want your house to smell good enough to eat, try the recipe for yourself; you really won’t regret it!

Happy mincemeat-making!

Cherry Melove's mincemeat recipe

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