Boxing Clever

It’s been a very busy and somewhat revolutionary week in Pinny Girl’s kitchen; so much so that the lack of blogging is testament to what can only be described as an enormous shift in food-oriented focus.

The reason? It comes in a recycled cardboard box and is delivered fresh to our door once a week: it’s a Riverford Farm veg box. That’s right…Pinny Girl is boxing clever.

Upon a recent visit to some very good friends in York, I was introduced to the concept of home-delivered veg boxes. Naturally, I was aware of their existence, but until then, had never really contemplated the use of them. Why? Because ultimately, I had never been sufficiently inspired enough to give them a try.

But that weekend, I learned a great deal about Riverford from my very trusty (and equally food-savvy) friend, and perhaps more significantly, I learned about the benefits of organic produce, not only to health and to the environment, but also the good that comes from supporting an independent, family business.

The Pinny Project is centred upon producing healthy meals from scratch, using seasonal produce.

Having discovered a great deal about this culinary category from my worldly-wise pal in the north, it became utterly apparent that the values and rationale behind buying and eating organic fruit and vegetables sit in complete synchronicity with my ultimate aim: to cook and eat food that hasn’t been mass produced, pre-prepared, peppered with preservatives, poured over with pesticides, covered in chemicals or adulterated with artificial ingredients.

From that moment of revelation, I was completed hooked on the idea. As such, shortly upon returning home, Husband and I joined the organic revolution and ordered our first veg box, starting a new era with a ‘seasons’ box from Riverford, on the basis of a trusty recommendation.

No potatoes; simply 8-10 varieties that the fields at Sacrewell Farm in Peterborough yielded that week. Enough for two people. For just shy of £14. Ideal.

And so last week, our inaugural organic bounty arrived. Within it, we found the most tempting array of items, from Swiss chard and spring greens to courgettes, soft-leaf lettuce, tomatoes and tender-stem broccoli; the anticipation of preparing, cooking and tasting this seasonal fare was incredibly exciting.

The aim of adopting a veg box as the sole supplier of our weekly seasonal medley meant only one thing; it’s a numbers game: One delivery, a £13.45 bill, up to ten varieties, feeding two people for seven days, for three meals a day.

And so the challenge I’ve laid is to use only the vegetables, fruit and salad we have delivered and use them up in their entirety, to make healthy meals that feed my husband and I throughout an entire week (with a little help from the ingredients found in our fridge and larder).

The pinny is on and it’s time to let the creative juices flow.

First delivery


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