Dunking Time

When she got there, the cupboard was bare…

Last weekend was one of those times when all that was left of the weekly shop was a few scraps in the fridge. Not such a bad thing – merely an excuse to reach into the back of the cupboards and pull out a can of haricot beans, a carton of passata and a few dried herbs. Add in half a carrot, a spot of bendy celery and a clove or two of garlic and there’s a quick and easy veggie soup. Done.

After which, a desire for something sweet descended. As a keen bread-baker and cake-maker, I’m never short of a plentiful supply of the usual suspects: butter, flour, sugar, eggs and the like. Following the root through the cupboards, what before my wandering eyes should appear but oats and raisins. In other words, fate had presented itself with the opportunity to whip up a biscuit or two.

Which I did. And they were delicious.

There’s a lot to be said for ‘running on empty’ – getting by on the last few waifs and strays from your previous weekly shop – as it makes you look beyond the obvious and encourages you to be inspired by seemingly very little.

The Pinny Project challenge is helping me to realise a fair few things about the way I shop and cook in order to get the very most out of everything we buy, but of late, it’s never been more obvious to me that living on the culinary bread line is a rather good thing. Humbling almost. It makes you realise that you need very little to concoct something healthy, tasty, unprocessed and wholesome, and equally, very little time and effort too.

Frugality is a concept I’ve always admired, and now my intention is to take it one step further; to really challenge myself and stretch the weekly shop to a whole new level without compromising the values that matter to me most. And I’ve nothing more than some bendy celery to thank.

A new wave is about to begin…and it starts with a cardboard box…



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