Whip Up Wednesday

It’s midweek and the cogs of busy-ness are churning; the mechanical ticking of the hours passes by and suddenly you find yourself hungry and staring at the inside of the fridge for inspiration. Which is quite a good thing.

I always like to have one day a week where I have no agenda; I simply take stock of the larder, have a feel around the fridge and cook up whatever takes my fancy. Usually it’s Wednesdays – that day when you’re on the crest of a weekend countdown and the beginning of your week is a semi-distant memory.

A Whip Up Wednesday, as I like to call this midweek culinary experience, is a means of paving the way for the meals ahead – a dinner detox; a cleansing out of the ingredients you doubt you’ll use for the rest of the week but cannot bare to allow to go to waste.

This week, I pondered over a handful of potatoes and a lemon. On first glance, it seems insubstantial and mediocre. But actually, it was an eye opener. I roasted the potatoes, skin on, in olive oil, rosemary and thyme from the garden, along with hearty wedges of seasoned lemon. The result – a hot, citrus, delightfully crispy outcome that, when partnered with a smattering of chopped spinach and mayonnaise, was one of those suppers where you realise that all you need to make a decent dinner is a decent sense of adventure…and a just a touch of bravery.


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