One-a-penny, two-a-penny Hot Cross Buns

Had a pre-Easter baking day: cinnamon-scented fun was promised…and it was delivered.

Hot Cross Buns – deliciously sticky on the outside, soft and fruity on the inside and a first-time bake for Pinny Girl.

On virgin territory with these edible Easter delights and treading oh-so blindly into the world of sweet bun-making, you can be forgiven for thinking that they seem tricky to make, but two batches later, I wondered what all the nervousness was about!

Very similar to bread-making, you begin by forming a yeasted mix of flour, butter, milk, spices and sugar, which is then complemented with the addition of peel and sultanas and finally bound together to form a supple dough that you knead until smooth. Once proved, shaped into buns and proved further, you’re ready to take make the cross, which in my view, is the most satisfying aspect of all!

I’ve often pondered for years as to how the cross is created – and it’s really so simple! You just mix flour and butter into breadcrumbs, add sugar and cold water and you’re away! A quick roll out and a few slices with the knife later and you have got little strips to lie across your buns-in-waiting.

In the oven, out again and covered in a sticky milky sugar glaze and you’ve a satisfying sweet treat in one hand and a freshly brewed cup of tea in the other. Now that’s how every Saturday should be spent!


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