Saturday Supper

After bringing home some locally sourced chicken thighs from our nearby farm shop, it felt only right to treat them in the way they were intended: lavishly filled with flavour and shared with friends.

And so a casserole of chicken, mushroom and cider came to being, thanks to the River Cottage Everyday cookbook by the seasonal champion himself, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – a master of all that is natured, nurtured and straight-down-the-line delicious.

A new addition to my bookshelf, but one that I’ve endeavoured to work my way through for the next seven days!

Sitting alongside a generous helping of the new season’s kale and a buttery, creamy mash, this dish has the power to warm not just the body but the soul – and when eaten in the company of close friends, it made it all the more delicious.

Tempting, isn’t it!


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