Seville success!

Such is the way with a busy life, I’ve not blogged since my marmalade-making escapades, but rest assured this not a reflection of a lack of activity in Pinny Girl’s kitchen.

In fact, it is quite the opposite, whereby I’ve been so busy in the kitchen, that I’d rather ran out of time to pour out my musings into the blogosphere.

So what on earth could have kept me away? Not wild horses, you will be pleased to hear (hmm; best not to talk horses at the moment!), but instead, a ransacking of fridge, freezer and cupboard in a bid to really come up trumps delivering delicious dinners from very little expenditure!

So much to share! Where to start…

A memorable moment from the past week is daring to open a jar of marmalade to unearth the result of two days’ of full-on attention…and you’ll be pleased to hear it’s an outrightly sweet-yet-sharp, solidified success! All those moments of doubt, anguish and endless rapid boiling and the blessed concoction has delivered on all counts: taste (addictively delicious), colour (like a burnt-sienna sky at dawn), texture (just the right balance) and satisfaction (pleased as punch that it worked).

Whether it’s on toast or dolloped lavishly on top of fruit and yogurt, you can’t help but love it. And now, I eagerly await the moments ahead when I will be boiling and bottling the amazing fruits that the spring and summer seasons will bring!


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