In season in February

In season: February

My first blog post and the first of a new month on the horizon – no better time to put The Pinny Project into action!

The month of February heralds a great start – a sense of spring starts to creep in the air, the dismal days of darkest winter begin to shed their dreariness and there’s renewed optimism, both about the long year ahead and about the flavours, ingredients and seasonal fare waiting to be discovered.

I start the expectation of a new month by identifying what’s in season – always a great reminder of nature’s ability to yield exactly what it should, when it should. I have a very handy little blackboard propped up in my kitchen that serves as a ‘monthly menu’ – a guide to what I should buy and cook with to nourish my husband and I, making the very most of the tastes of the month.

So here’s what nature has in store for us in February!

In season in February

The next step in The Pinny Project challenge is meal planning; choosing and combining all those lovely, in-season fruit and vegetables, developing lunch and dinner ideas to ensure maximum use and minimum waste, harvesting all their goodness and turning them into delicious dishes that will go hand-in-hand with those all-important all-year-rounders, cupboard staples and freshly baked breads that I’m dying to make!

I’m taking my meal-time inspiration for the week ahead from purple sprouting broccoli, cooking apples and rhubarb (finally it’s here!).

Look out later in the week for some tasty ‘use me up’ recipes and a lowdown of the simple suppers I’m planning on cooking, including a great idea for a French-inspired Sunday pud!

I hope that February’s bounty brings much pleasure for all the cooks in their kitchens up and down the country and I hope that you’re inspired to eat seasonally during the ever-brightening month ahead.

Pinny Girl